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Ignorance, entitlement form powerful adversary to freedom

In response to Edalee Orcutt Harwell’s “Fear and money form powerful adversary” in April 19 issue:

Dear Ms. Harwell, I have used some of your own words couched in my perspective:

Perhaps all the people that take advantage of the entitlement programs and do not pay taxes are not all drug addicts and “baby mommas” who are lazy and greedy. Perhaps they are fighting for their way of life and for their total dependence on others to provide for them in the manner in which they are accustomed. They want all American taxpayers to pay for the entitlement programs so they can continue this way of life which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Fortunately for them, there are ignorant and foolish people who think that we should rob from the American taxpayer and give to these entitled. Since more and more ignorant are convinced of this by the current president’s campaign strategy of provoking class warfare, more and more people who earn their own money are forced to contribute to these entitled, so that the whole system has become lopsided and is grinding away at the people who pay taxes.

Our president, whose only previous experience was working in the public sector organizing and doling out entitlement programs and who has never worked in the private sector, has the support of the entitled and foolish. I have faith in America that this is not the majority. Therefore as the majority we must join forces in a common effort to defeat those who make us slaves and the foolish and ignorant who would give away our freedom.

Rather than being fools who put our salvation in the hands of a president’s political propaganda of “a way out,” let’s live the words of Mohandas Gandhi: “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” To me this means let me keep more of my income so that I can help those less fortunate than I and not be forced to contribute to those who feel they are entitled. In regard to the habitually entitled I believe, like Thomas Edison: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Susan Leukhardt, Ramona resident since 1976

Thanking bluegrass sponsors with gusto

The 3rd Annual Ramona Bluegrass & Old West Fest, Saturday, May 5, and Sunday, May 6, is at ROCC Ramona Rodeo grounds.

Fest info is at www.ramonabluegrassfest.com.

We thank our sponsors with gusto.

SDGE, Barona, Ramona Disposal, Ransom True Value, Realtor Chris Anderson, Up Country Builders, Hayworth Plumbing, Tanguay’s Truck & Auto, Albertsons, Arnie Fry of Century 21 San Vicente, C21 Realtor Martha Luce, Ralph & Dot Koerner, Amber Rameriz, Farmers Insurance, Ranger Doug’s Shootist Emporium, Traction Tire, Signco

Sponsors, you rock it for our Ramona community festivities. Additional sponsors are always welcome.

Martha Luce, Ramona

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