Ramona businessman enters U.S. Senate primary race

By Karen Brainard

Longtime Ramonan and businessman John Boruff has entered the primary election, scheduled for June 5, as a Republican candidate hoping to challenge Democrat incumbent Dianne Feinstein for her U.S. Senate seat.

“I am tough enough, thick-skinned enough, determined enough to get the job done in Washington,” Boruff said.

Fellow Ramonan and businessman Orrin Day will be hosting a fundraiser barbecue for Boruff from 4 to 6 p.m., Saturday, April 21, at the Ramona Mainstage, 626 Main St. The cost is $50 per person and more information is at www.johnboruff.com.

Boruff and his wife, Laurie, married for 33 years, have lived in Ramona for the past 26 years and raised three sons: Joseph, Robert and Gregory. The couple now has four grandchildren.

Although he is running against several other candidates for the Republican nomination, including Dan Hughes of Oceanside, Boruff said, “I have the strongest resume by far.”

That resume includes leadership roles and over 30 years of business experience in the automotive industry that has given him direct dealings with government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency. He said he has experienced firsthand the burdens that so many government regulations have put on businesses such as automotive repair.

“It’s tough being in business,” he said.

At age 23, Boruff became a minority owner of an automobile parts store and repair shop in Oceanside. In 1984 he was named vice president and general manager of a large, regional automotive repair and parts company and was offered an ownership position. Under his leadership, the company expanded to Phoenix, Albuquerque, Tucson, and Las Vegas.

Currently, Boruff is president of Palomar Property Management, which serves all of North County and is in Escondido.

Boruff said the federal government has overreached and is too involved in people’s lives. He said citizens are looking for a blue-collar type person who knows what needs to be done.

“I really am a businessman who can get things done,” he said. “What we know is we have an economy that’s not working…We need to get the economy turned around and job creation ideas out there.”

Boruff said he saw the recession coming in 2005, when customers began bringing in post-dated checks for their car repairs.

He also said the tax code is broken and must be overhauled or replaced. His choice would be a form of “fair tax.”

Boruff said it is time for Feinstein to go because she has been in office for 20 years and California‘s unemployment rate is still over 10 percent. Boruff said he believes he can defeat her because he will bring some fresh ideas to the table.

The government needs to get independent-minded people, not career politicians, in office, he said.

“I’m not going to compromise moral ethics and values,” Boruff added.

The Republican candidate said he believes in giving back to the community. He highlighted his service roles, including that as president of First Night Escondido, the family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration; a member of the Rotary Club; and a Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 679 in San Diego Country Estates. He is also active in the Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church in Ramona.

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4 Comments for “Ramona businessman enters U.S. Senate primary race”

  1. jnorris

    Mr. Boruff states that our Senator should be replaced ….. but you know, Feinstein has been re-elected because a majority of voters agree she continually does a good job in Washington for our state. I think it is unreasonable for Mr. Boruff to tie our current unemployment rate to an individual congressperson.

    • DWebster

      You stated, "she continually does a good job in Washington for our state." Specifically, what "good" has she done for our state? It's time for a CHANGE before more of the small business owners lose their HOPE and leave this state along with their tax dollars!

  2. One of the most talked about items on the campaign trail is term limits, and how hard and costly it is for a new-comer to be recognized. Feinstein is a multi-millionaire and has been our Senator for 20 years, which makes her doubly hard to unseat. It is time for new faces to represent us in Washington. Our poor economy, to which the unemployment rate is directly tied, is due, in most part, to Senators like Feinstein who believe in a “regulating every facet of our lives” government with cradle-to-grave social programs. This mentality is bankrupting our nation and has added not only a multi- TRILLION dollar debt, but an unsustainable federal budget, and long term liability that will take generations to pay down, even if we could start tomorrow. Our country has a spending problem and Feinstein is doing nothing to cut spending or proposing a path to a fundamentally sound balanced budget.

    • Brian Jarvis

      I just read the new Ramona planning guide put forth by the county of San Diego, WOW is about all I can say. It is clear that our property rights are slowly being chiseled away, locally and nationally. Consider AB 32, The California Global Warming Solutions ACT, this bill if enacted is going place limits on the size of the lot you can build a single family home. The minimum lot size will be 20 acres if I am not mistaken. Oh have you heard of Agenda-21, well If you have not this UN measure is what is feeding AB-32.

      What is happening is that the Environmentalists are crafting regulations that are usurping our freedom and private property rights by using the guise of climate change or Global Warming. I know this because I am in the Energy business and I run into them all the time. These idealists are a product of our educational system having been indoctronated by liberal professors. They are coming out of college and setout to save the planet, yet they could not tell you the meaning or the intent of our constitution. Building codes and regulation are their tools of choice; property rights mean nothing to them. They are very well organized and use our tax dollars to attend conferences with other cities, counties and states in an effort to enact the global agenda at the local level. They have infected our system and are slowly tightening the noose around the neck of freedom.

      The 50 something generation has awakend. John is one of them, he is taking a very bold step and freedom loving people must support him, and by support that means opening your wallet and be giving of your time. We need to get this man elected to the senate. John is a fine family man; he represents the new vanguard setting out to repair our broken system of government, starting at the local state, and federal levels we can fix the system if we do it together. If we don't do this who will? John where do I send a check?

      Brian Jarvis.

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