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Water district needs to raise fire fee

The Sentinel’s March 29 front page story concerning the Ramona Municipal Water District’s dire financial needs to finance the fire and paramedic annual $188.52 per unit EDU seems to be many years overdue. How can any government agency or business expect to keep up with annual operating cost increases with the same amount of money for the past 17 years?

The 2005 attempt by the water district to increase the EDU was one of the poorest documents ever written and lacked a serious attempt to educate the public as to the critical need. It lacked clarity and scared the residents concerning the automatic annual increase clauses. This board, which seems to suffer from musical chairs every election cycle, always seems to practice tunnel vision and lacks strategic planning for the future.

My past experience in government, including some 25 years as a line officer and chief in a large fire department, always, always had to plan on at least a 2 to 3 percent annual increase in expenditures just to keep up with the day to day operation. The current operation with CalFire serving the Ramona community is fantastic and is something for us all to be proud of. I believe that even now they are seriously understaffed to meet our needs.

Ramona has been very lucky and the system depends heavily on mutual aid agreements. The water district board should immediately start laying out the future true financial needs for the fire and emergency medical needs of this community. They are at a great disadvantage because of waiting so long since the last proposal defeat.

I believe that most all of the clear thinking property owners and voters realize that the EDU has to be raised. The water board has to come up with a clear plan that does not propose some wild immediate large increases to make up for their lack of planning. They have to sell it to all in the community with a finely tuned public education campaign that will not alienate the voters. I hope they are listening and get something going ASAP.

Charles Teichert Jr., Ramona

Perry Jones, a numbers man with ethics, training

Having bought property in San Diego Country Estates Association in 1985, lived here since 1989, elected to the SDCEA Board of Directors four times for nine years of service — ‘93-99 and ‘06-’09 — I have just reviewed our SDCEA election material of all candidates and ask this.

To all my past supporters, and friends, please give all five of your votes to Perry Jones, which our CCR’s allow you to do. We homeowners do need Perry Jones’ conservative fiscal policies and controlled spending mindset on our BOD now. Perry Jones is a numbers man and a former banker with ethics and training in accounting practices.

I served with Perry Jones a few of my years, and Perry Jones is bullish when it comes to not wasting homeowners’ money. While Perry Jones and I disagreed on many other issues during those years, Perry Jones now has a better understanding of SDCEA CCRs, rather than socialism, and has remained conservative on spending money.

Read Perry Jones’ candidate statement re: the $725,000 remodel of the Clubhouse from current BOD 5-0 vote, 1.5 years ago. The larger part of that remodel is truly classified as a capital improvement, which requires a vote of the homeowners, as per the specifics of SDCEA CCRs. The BOD did not ask for any vote, other than their own, raised our dues and spent money. Their lawyers love to defend the wrongs as lawyers make money doing so.

BTW…how did you homeowners like that minimized tri-fold, Official Annual Auditors report? “Devil’s in the details,” but no details. Is that called “couching the truth with cooked books?”  Does that follow General Accounting Practices?  hmmmmmmm,  Just a question.

Give Perry Jones all five of your votes and have one conservative on this BOD who is not afraid to speak up and speak loud.

Connie Bull, Ramona

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  1. Mr. Teichert,
    How does a bank account go negative? http://www.scribd.com/doc/88338491/Fire-Mitigatio...

    Maybe the issue isn't the cost of services, but the fact that $1/2 million of developer money was illegally spent to buy a new fire truck causing their mitigation fund to go negative. Oops.

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