Positively Speaking: So life’s unfair…

So fate gave you a raw deal. You think you were shortchanged. You deserve something better.

Well…you’re absolutely right! You really deserve something better than what you have now. But before you go and fling yourself off the roof, take a second and think about it. Remove your emotions from the facts first. You’ll find that it’s really not as bad as you think. All you need to do is look at it from another angle.

Say you’ve gained too much weight and no matter how much you diet you can’t get that last 20 pounds off. And when you can’t lose that fat, you start blaming your trainer, your career, your parents, even your DNA for having fat cells!

Or maybe you’re stuck in a career that has become so stale you should have mold growing on you. Plus you feel like you do all the work but the boss gets all the credit and the big bucks!

That is so unfair. You are miserable and whine at fate for dealing you a bad hand. You feel helpless and can’t do anything about it.

What if you ask yourself, why do you want to be thinner in the first place? Is it for health reasons or more due to vanity? Do you think that a thinner you will be happier than a heavier one?

What about work? Could you be dissatisfied with it because you don’t have a life outside it and that stresses you out.

So what can you do about it? As crazy as this might sound, why not accept it? Accept that you‘re plump, accept that sometimes your job sucks.

Change the way you look at the problem and you might even be thankful for it.

You have food to eat. That’s why you gained weight. Be thankful­—half the world’s population has to struggle for one meal a day.

You have a job you’re bored to death with. Be thankful—right now millions would love the job you have.

See the pattern? You can choose to have a positive spin or wallow in your negativity.

Accepting the fact that sometimes we just don’t get everything we think we want will allow you to relax and move forward in a positive way.

So life’s unfair? Yes it is. Deal with it and be the better for it.

Steve Smith is a Ramona resident. Send comments to steve@stevensmith.org.

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