Old Glory: Symbolizing Our Great Nation­ and Ourselves

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution ensures the protection of our God given right to speak freely. It is the strength of this tenant that enables it to transcend both oppression as well as, occasionally, common decency. This is the price of such freedom.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution also enables us to display the flag of our great nation on our private property as we see fit, whether at great heights in pristine condition worthy of such display or in an ash heap motivated by protest.

Less malevolent expressions of the national standard also exist along this spectrum. We as citizens of Ramona enjoy a small town with a palpable American spirit coursing through our hearts, roads, shops, and driveways. Sometimes, however, we need to be reminded of the responsibility we inherit when we choose to display this pride atop a flagpole.

Whether visible from prominent thoroughfares in town, or only to the rocks of the Cleveland National Forest, the condition of Old Glory represents our entire nation, and especially our community. If your flag is in a condition unfit of such display, whether due to weather conditions or purposefully as part of an annual tradition, please know it reflects poorly on both. For proper care, display, and dignified disposal of Old Glory, there are many resources, such as www.usflag.org/flagetiquette.html. It is our responsibility as citizens to know how to show the flag the respect it deserves on our property, and to politely inform our neighbors and businesses in Ramona when their actions inadvertently disrespect it.

Michael W. Bachman II, a Ramona resident, is a Navy veteran who served in Iraq (2003) and Afghanistan (2004) as a Navy Corpsman attached

to a Marine helicopter unit.

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