It’s beginning to look a lot like… election season

Yes, the June primary election is less than six months away, but based on the number of press releases already being generated, prepare for an early and sustained barrage of advertising and blustering by candidates vying for local, state and national offices.

In non-partisan races, such as the San Diego mayoral contest (which doesn’t really effect Ramona), the two top vote getters in each race will advance to November general election runoffs. However, in partisan races, there is no longer a rule saying the top candidate from each party will advance. For example, if there are two Republicans and one Democrat running for a partisan seat, and the two Republicans receive more votes than the Democrat, the November election will have the two Republicans facing each other. Unlikely, yes, but it could prove to be very interesting.

As the result of the 2010 census, new district lines have been drawn for Congress and the state Senate and Assembly.

The redistricting will put Ramona in the 50th Congressional District with Duncan D. Hunter, the incumbent, running for re-election against (as of now), Connie Frankowiak from Julian.

Ramona remains in Senate District 36, which due to redistricting loses a portion that is in Riverside County. Joel Anderson represents us and is not up for re-election.

Ramona will be in California Assembly District 71 after the redistricting (we are now in District 77), represented by Brian Jones, who is seeking re-election.

Dianne Jacob is seeking re-election as our representative on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Ramona is in District 2.

Water district, school district and planning group elections will be held in November.

We will have more to say about each race as we go further down the campaign road (filing date for taking out papers is in February), which unfortunately seems to lengthen with each election cycle.

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2 Comments for “It’s beginning to look a lot like… election season”

  1. Please advise your readers that I, too, am a candidate for the House seat in the new District 50 currently held by Mr. Duncan Hunter, Jr. Readers may visit my website which has my bio and positions on many of the major issues of the day. They will also find links to my Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts where videos of my presentations may be seen.

    My overriding goal, and I hope that of the voters in the new District 50, is the preservation and resurgence of the fast-disappearing middle-class. It is a thriving middle-class that defines us – for they are the heart and soul of America. We, as a nation, must rebuild our infrastructure. Millions of workers, contractors and their suppliers have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for our representatives to move!

    Small businesses and their suppliers need customers, not lower taxes! Without workers bringing home decent paychecks so they can then patronize your small business instead of Wal-Mart, the current situation will not improve, and small businesses will continue to bear the brunt of the pain.

    If the voters demand that we rebuild America instead of Afghanistan, we can create millions of jobs. That will be a win/win. Both working men and women, and businesses of all sizes can move toward greater prosperity. WE CAN DO THIS! If the people choose the right person to represent them in Congress.

    Besides Connie Frankowiak and I, Terri Linnell, a leader in the Tea Party, will also oppose Mr. Hunter. We all believe Mr. Hunter is a very nice young man, but has failed in his duty to represent the people's best interests in Washington, and must be replaced.

    There will be a town hall meeting in Alpine, with all 4 candidates invited to appear together on the same stage, and answer questions from the people. You are the employers! Each of us, including Mr. Hunter, are invited to this job interview. It is tentatively set for Feb 4. Please check with Ramona Forum for precise date and location. They are hosting the event. Please come. Your future, and that of your kids, may depend on your vote on June 5.

    The people of District 50 are fortunate to have real choices in the upcoming election. Please get involved.

  2. Thank you David for the mention. I am definitely running again for election. What kind of Candidate would I be if I simply gave up after one election? It's time to hold their feet to the fire and demand they start representing us, not their pocket books. I don't care how much money by way of earmarks Hunter brings into the district, for that money was ill gotten in the form of campaign contributions. We must remove the giant 'for sale' sign in our federal government, for only until then will we once again have the bills written for the people, not the giant corporations. That's why I propose an amendment, "Lobbying with Money is Bribery." It is the first and biggest step we can make to restoring the Power of Congress to the People, where it rightfully belongs.

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