TimeOut with Tambo: Spending time in Hawaii’s outdoors trumps televised sports

By Bill Tamburrino

I have often stated that I would rather go to a high school or college athletic event than a professional event. However, I have to admit that the NFL does things correctly when it comes to the playoffs.

They actually have criteria that must be met for its teams to get into the playoffs. The San Diego Section of the CIF and the Bowl selection committees could learn a lot from the NFL in this area.

I spent most of the bowl season in the beautiful state of Hawaii on the islands of Maui and Kauai. I seldom saw an entire game and usually the highlights on ESPN were more than enough.

Several bowl games didn’t have any highlights and it is a good thing that they were televised or they would not have been seen at all. Several games were played to empty seats impersonating as spectators. Some producers tried to make sure that the cameras never took shots of the audience — or lack of an audience in most cases.

Instead of watching on television what locals didn’t go to in person, I decided to participate in outdoor individual sports. I went snorkeling twice with two of my grandsons, Vinny and Nico. Some tourists thought that they were on a whale watch when I entered the water but, since whaling is not legal in our 50th state, I suffered no harpoon wounds.

One smart aleck did yell “There she blows!” when I emptied my snorkel, but nobody panicked.

I went on a real whale watching tour with my wife and two other Ramona residents, Joe and Lynne Bess. It is not legal to get closer than 100 yards to a humpback whale, but if the whale swims to you it is OK. Three whales decided to see if one of their own was on our boat and swam right under us. A lot of people on the catamaran were scared, but not me. I always put on life jackets and climb the mast, pray and scream to scare the others on the boat.

Humpback whales often swim in threes. The baby or calf swims first. The mother of the newborn follows her offspring and teaches it the ropes. A male whale, not always the father but still interested in the mother, runs third. All three swam under our catamaran.

After the boat docked and the crew talked me down from the mast, the captain said that he had never seen so many whales swim so close to his boat. We should feel lucky. I did, but for other reasons.

While the Alabama/LSU game was being played, I was on a trip to the North shore of the Island of Kauai to view some big surf. I had traveled to the North shore of Maui the previous week to observe big surf.

The Tide and Tigers both have some great athletes on scholarship, but I saw some great athletes paddling into some very big waves. They were not on scholarship, but they must have been on something to paddle into some of those giants. I resisted the urge to paddle out into those 20-foot-plus waves for the 65th straight year.

I also shot a round of golf. Actually, it was a half a round, nine holes. However, my score was close to the scores of the pros who were playing in the Hyundai Tournament of Champions that was going on Maui. I try to get my money’s worth and get in as many swings as possible.

I also went on daily walks on Maui. There was a county park right on the shore next to where I stayed and on my walks I often saw green turtles and some dolphins and several whales offshore about 400 yards and some on shore, too.

I did get back in time to catch last week’s NFL playoff games. They were great but I would rather have been in Hawaii catching the highlights on ESPN.

I again affirm that this column was not just an attempt to right off as tax deductions my trip to my favorite state. Aloha and Mahalo.

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