District lays off two employees to save money

Reorganization includes focus on customer service

By Karen Brainard

Two full-time employees of the Ramona Municipal Water District were let go in an effort to reorganize the public agency and decrease costs, said General Manager David Barnum.

“We’re in the process of reorganizing RMWD — increase our focus on customer service and decrease costs to customers,” said Barnum. “We want to be able to provide the most efficient service to our customers.”

Savings are projected to be between $100,000 to $200,000 annually. Barnum said he anticipates the district will save close to the $200,000 figure after reorganizational costs are met.

The positions of administrative assistant and civil engineer were cut, the general manager said. The administrative assitant position was held by Sherry McGarry, and Philip Dauben was civil engineer for the district.

An admin services department has been created that will include public communication and information technology and will be managed by Annette Finley, who will also continue to oversee human resources and risk management, said Barnum. A part-time clerical person will be hired for the admin department, said Barnum.

Some existing employees will be re-positioned, he added, to beef up customer service, which will consist of 3.5 employees and one full-time supervisor.

“It provides us an opportunity for cross-training,” Barnum said of the changes.

RMWD will no longer have any engineers on staff. Dudek and Associates, headquartered in Encinitas, will continue to provide engineering services on an as-needed basis. In July 2011 the water board approved a one-year contract with Dudek for a not-to-exceed amount of $180,000 with services billed on a time and materials basis. Barnum said the outside engineering firm offers flexibility, depth of knowledge and a broad level of services.

With water sales down and costs going up, the general manager said he and staff will constantly look at ways to make the organization more cost-efficient.

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5 Comments for “District lays off two employees to save money”

  1. ben frankli

    Imagine the employees are quite embarrassed whypost names?

  2. Vance Paul

    Doubt this was a money saving move. These two employees consistently oppose the General Manager and his staff. That has always been lethal at the RMWD. Integrity is not allowed.

  3. Samuel

    These two employees no longer have the fear of losing their job and are free to expose the truth about RMWD. I pray that they do for everyone's sake.

    1 Samuel 17:37

  4. Alison

    I am glad the water department is cutting costs and reorganizing. They should have done that years ago. I feel bad for the folks that were eliminated, but it is pretty comical when they use different aliases to comment about themselves and quote scripture. The same thing happened at the school district.

    I do not understand why government employees think they have jobs for life and we all have to pay for it. The solution is less government and not more.

  5. Judas


    Expose what about RMWD? There is no smoking gun.

    Mr. Paul. Integrity is obviously something you know nothing about, as well as not knowing anything about RMWD unless you are one of the disgruntled employees who was just let go. Actually it seems to me that Samuel and Mr. Paul are the same person.

    In either case you are wrong. The RMWD ratepayers will be better off!


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