Timeout with Tambo: Santa Bill’s Christmas gifts for Ramona

By Bill Tamburrino

I have been told that if I can lose significant weight that I could get a job filling for Santa Claus next Christmas.

If I do get the job, there are some gifts that I would like to give to this community and some of the people in the community who have the misfortune to have to deal with me on a regular basis.

Here are some of the gifts that I would give.

I would give the fairy shrimp a new place to live with more water and a better view so that they could give the community of Ramona an All Sports Park.

I would give the community of Ramona more and better sports facilities. We have two gyms at the high school, one at OPMS, one at the District Offices that is mostly unused, and one at the Mormon Church. Only the ones at the high school are regulation. A community of our size needs more and better gym space for the children and adults of our community.

What is even more disturbing is that the entire community of Ramona only has one regulation baseball field that is shared by three high school teams. Coach Dean Welch and his staff have never been given the credit for the job that they do with limited facilities. I will give them credit.

I would give retired automotives teacher, golf coach, wrestling coach and football coach a set of matching clubs. However, his garage sale mix and match golf bag is good enough to beat most of the time.

I would give the good people at SDCE, San Vicente Resort and Riviera Oaks something very nice. Their association allows our high school golfers and tennis players to play on great facilities. I have left a plethora of golf balls at San Vicente but they don’t qualify as gifts since they were lost and not given. Fred, John, Johnny, I need more lessons.

I would give all of the high school coaches the credit that they deserve for all of the time that they put in and don’t get paid for.

I would give all of the volunteers for all of the sports teams a very nice jacket appropriate for the season for which they volunteer. Our athletes and coaches couldn’t get along without your time and effort. Taking stats, filming games, announcing games, volunteering at track meets, cross country meets. So many buildings, ticket booths, snack bars, weight rooms have been built by volunteers. The Tobiason brothers have done more than their share for the 35 play years that I have been here. I would also give Art Tobiason a new and clean joke book.

I would give Lee and Mary Kay Pinkard a statue and an automatic bid into the Ramona HighSchool Sports Hall of Fame. They are the best fans in the world.

I will laugh at one of Chuck Schoepp’s jokes. I have gone back on my promise to never make fun of him. I will also try to take care of the possession arrow at basketball games that I announce. Chuck only has two hands and it takes at least three to run the clock, keep the scoreboard correct, set the shot clock and change the possession arrow. Maybe I should give another set of hands instead of laughing at his jokes.

I would give Joe Weir transportation to and from the basketball games. The voice of the Bulldogs is missed a great deal.

I give the brave men and women that I have coached and taught a giant ooorah, Semper Fi, Anchors Away, Off you go into the wild blue yonder as the caissons go rolling along. You are not playing a game. You are playing for real and laying your lives on the line for all of us. Congress should cut their pay and benefits before they consider cutting any of yours.

I would give the boosters, donors and sponsors of all sports, youth and high school and club and travel a championship. You all are winners in every sense of the word and you are building future winners in society. A couple of banners would be nice.

I would give Damon Blankenbaker a new bike, Dave Lohman a real cowboy hat, Bob Verhoest a Pick 6, Tony Dunkailo another job to retire from, Joe Edwards a new golf cart, Joan Snelling an air conditioner for the ticket booth in the summer and a heater in the winter, Bob Snelling a new rake, Leighanne Kerchner a sports car to deliver lunches in at RHS, The Hemphills a meal at a quality restaurant, Alec Richardson an appointment to the Naval Academy, Maureen Robertson a book of sports jargon, Steve Koch a wrestling room at RHS, Matt Lisowski a video professor, Joe Bess a new leash for Evie, Ben Naramore a hat that fits, Joe Cobian a trip to South Bend for his daughter, Tom Jamison a hard hat — and all of you the Happiest of Holidays. God bless you one and all.

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