Timeout with Tambo: There’s much to be thankful for in Ramona

By Bill Tamburrino

November is a special month in the Tamburrino family. There are several birthdays, including the birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

There is Veterans Day, and several generations of our family have had the honor and privilege of serving this great country in wars and peace. There are two generations of wedding anniversaries. All of the aforementioned give cause for the holiday that makes November special for most Americans, Thanksgiving.

These are tough times and small town Ramona is struggling financially with the rest of the nation. We still have much to give thanks for.

We do live in a community that truly cares. Ramonans never fail to dig deep when there is a need, cause or crisis. Ramonans will walk, run and, if necessary, crawl to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer.

Ramonans support their children in Ramona’s schools. The PTSA is working overtime to make sure that no kid gets left behind or left out of any educational endeavor.

Ramona teachers go the extra yard and put in the extra time. To the educators that I know in Ramona, it is more than a job or even a profession. It is a life’s mission.

Ramona’s administrators burn the candle at both ends. I know because I try to stick a needle in them whenever I get a chance and they have given me more chances at extra and co-curricular events to use a needle that any tailor has ever had. They are all smarter than I am and usually get the better of the banter, but I am not always smart enough to realize that.

This is a sports article and Ramona’s athletes have given so many so much for which to be thankful.

Ramona has been battling hard to win in the Palomar League, and the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs have lost many contests. They, however, have not lost things that are in my opinion more important than winning.

They have not lost their desire to compete. They have not lost their desire to prepare to compete. They have battled in every contest and, what is more important than battling, they have battled with class.

During the fall I cover football, ladies’ tennis and ladies’ golf. I really can’t give an unbiased opinion on football, because I had the honor and privilege of coaching most of the seniors on the football team. They — as do the coaches — know how I feel and that is enough.

I know how hard they work. I know the hours that they put in. Some of the people in the stands should be more thankful than they are critical.

Getting to know some of the athletes on the golf and tennis teams was a great experience. Their grade point averages do not adequately measure the caliber of individuals that they are and together they have over a 4.00 GPA.

They are ladies, but they are fierce competitors who have been up against incredible odds and have refused to give up. They play sports with great carryover value and they will continue to play and compete after they graduate. And they do it with class. Their parents should be complimented. Their coaches should be thanked.

I have filmed the teams that I do not cover and I have passed by the cross country teams on just about every street in Ramona. I am usually lucky enough to be walking or jogging in the opposite direction or else I would have to steal Damon Blankenbaker’s bike and that probably wouldn’t help much.

The boosters, the official boosters and the go-to unofficial boosters, have gone the extra mile in every sport. As I have mentioned in past articles, a committee is trying to initiate a RHS Sports Hall of Fame. There is not enough room for all of the boosters and supporters who have done so much for so long.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and don’t eat too much, turkeys. (I didn’t write “too many” for a reason.)

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