Keep your business in Ramona

By Susan White

My Fellow Ramonans,

It is hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us. We are only one week away from Thanksgiving and then everything goes into high gear for holiday shopping.

Last week I received an email that talked about giant Asian factories kicking into “overdrive” to provide the American public with monstrous piles of cheaply produced goods. This is merchandise that is being produced at the expense of American labor.

Over the years, we have all been guilty of purchasing these items.

Let’s make this year different!

This year Americans will give the gift of genuine concern for other Americans.

There is no longer any excuse that, at gift giving time, nothing can be found that is produced, here, by our very own American hands, because there is, right now, in our very own town.

I would like to appeal to the community of Ramona to please look toward our local businesses for your holiday shopping, before driving down the hill. There are many merchants right here in our town who have unique, one of a kind, creative and fun gifts.

What about a gift certificate from one of our local hair salons or from one of our restaurants (who doesn’t love to eat?)? A gift certificate for a gym membership? It’s appropriate for all ages, and who isn’t thinking about their New Year’s health resolution.  Or maybe something unique and one of a kind from any one of the various kiosks in our town.

For those of you who work down the hill or get out of work late and are not able to make it to the store before they close, I know that some of the stores in Old Town Ramona are planning to stay open late on Dec. 1 and 2 until 9 p.m. So come out and see what your town has to offer and support your local business neighbors. After all, these are the companies that we solicit year after year for donations in support of our local activities.

I will personally pledge to do my best to find my Christmas gift here locally in Ramona.

Keep your Business in Ramona, Keep Ramona in Business!

Susan White, a Ramona resident, is customer service specialist for Ramona Disposal Service.

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5 Comments for “Keep your business in Ramona”

  1. Dwayne

    Why pay the Ramona cost increase when I can drive by a store down the hill and get my gift cheaper. Lower the inflated up the hill tax on your prices and we might buy locally. Look what happens here on the weekend here in Ramona…gas prices jump due to tourists. So I buy my gas down the hill.

  2. Dwayne

    Apparently my comments were removed…so here I go again. If Ramona wants to keep the business local, then they need to provide lower pricing like down the hill…I don't mind stopping at a shop on the way home, if I can save money. On the weekends GAS prices here in Ramona go up, so I naturally fill up during the week down the hill and save $$$.

    Why would I purchase up the hill, when I can save $$$ down the hill and not have to go out of my way with GAS to do so.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Ramona, the community…but you have to be smart and save while you can.

    I also hear we have a BIG-5 sporting goods opening up here…I'm sure it will fail like the other sports stores we have had.

    Now if they would have only put a In-N-Out burger here instead of the Subway drive through, that I would purchase here to keep in business. :)

    • Mark Felt

      I've worked for large chain stores and mom and pop stores. There's no doubt that the mom and pops don't have the same discounts with their wholesalers that the big guys do. They just don't have the floor space to buy in quantity to be able to pass on the savings. I don't mind shopping locally, but as I commented in a similar article as this one, I do mind the additudes some of the local businesses have had when shopping or eating at their establishments. It's hard to spend more locally when the person with the better price down the hill treats you better and appreciates your business.

  3. If we are wanted to shop locally, then we should be hired locally. I'd shop in the town that employs me, as I guess I wasn't good enough to work in Ramona. There are many poor attitudes in the lovely little town, and that is hurting the business. Why do we get a Big 5 sports store, and not a Target or Wlamart? Those would hurt our little businesses you say? What about the little sports store already in Ramona? This town is full of hypocrites!!

  4. As a store owner on main street, I have way too much experience with this mindset. As a town of consumers, we must understand a little about small retail shop pricing. Smaller quantity purchases equal higher prices. The prices go way down when volume goes up.

    If we want lower prices in Ramona, the only way to do this IS to buy local. Otherwise, it's a catch 22 and prices stay the same and everyone keeps complaining. Most businesses up here are drowning in overhead. Help them lower their prices with your support!

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