Timeout with Tambo: Let’s start an athletic hall of fame at Ramona High

By Bill Tamburrino

I need your help.

Last week Ramona High School’s principal, Tony Newman, and assistant principal, Dave Lohman, approached me on separate occasions with a suggestion (demand, entreaty, request, plea, appeal).

They think that it is time that Ramona High School establishes an athletic hall of fame.

Oceanside High School had a ceremony at their football game and the event touched all who attended. San Pasqual has a hall of fame and Olive Peirce Middle School teacher and coach Julie Doria is a member. I have attended a Carlsbad High School hall of fame induction and I was moved.

Ramona High School’s first graduating class was in 1897 or 1898. According to Ramona folklore, Tony Dunkailo was there, but he was too young to remember which year it was.

I will be forming a committee and trying to pass off the work to somebody else. A friend of mine recently started a hall of fame at a school that I coached at in Los Angeles and I am going to use his experience so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Don’t contact me yet, but be thinking of people who can help. Be thinking of criteria. Be thinking of deserving athletes, coaches, administrators, officials, boosters, etc. Remember, this is a Ramona High School Hall of Fame, so the criteria will be based mostly on what the individuals accomplished at RHS.

I have already contacted Myron Bill, the principal when Ramona added most of its sports, and he was the administrator when Ramona added girls sports.

Hopefully somebody at the Guy B. Woodward Museum has some info or can give us a push in the right direction. Chuck LeMenager is a local historian who might be able to start us in the right direction.The recent accomplishments will be easier to document than the ones before 1960 or so. I had the benefit of hearing the late Guy Woodward give an excellent lecture on the history of sports (basketball in particular) at RHS. I do know that RHS won the state basketball championship in about 1937. I have heard about Doc Wilson, but I would like to learn more.

I will contact my friend who just went through the process and get the info out to you ASAP. So be on the lookout for old articles and yearbooks. My target date for the inaugural class is during the 2011-12 school year.

I want some legends inducted from the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s.

Tony Newman wants to have an R placed in a prominent place on campus with the names of all of the inductees. We want this to be first class.

We want nominations. It will be impossible to induct every deserving member the first year, but we can do our best. Those left out or overlooked will be mentioned and that will get us started on the next class of inductees.

There will not be public voting like there is for the All Star teams in some sports or for the best hamburger or pizza or business in Ramona.

There are the categories that come to mind: athletes, scholar athletes, coaches, administrators, officials (umpires, referees, announcers, etc), boosters. If you can think of any other categories, let me know.

After I get organized or find an organizer, I will get the info in the Sentinel and the work can begin.

In some hall of fames one must be retired or inactive for at least seven years. That is something to keep in mind. Maybe a 10-year period of inactivity or graduation would be good.

Put on your thinking caps. Your input is needed. Your input will be appreciated.

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