Why pray the rosary on Main Street?

Oct. 10, 2009, marked the third annual Public Square Rosary sponsored by America Needs Fatima. Every year it seems like more and more Catholics are attending as they come to understand the tremendous moral crisis that America is experiencing.

In year 2009, there were 3,000 Public Square Rosary rallies. Last year they had nearly 5,830 Public Square Rosary rallies. This year, I am sure the numbers will be even more. Just here in Ramona we are so fortunate to have three rally captains: Tony Vaca, Connie Barber and myself.

Now the big question is: Why are we having this Public Square Rosary Rally and why Oct. 15? One of the reasons is that here in America as anywhere else public sins require public reparation. Our rosary rally will be a public act of reparation for sins hurled against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the sacred heart of Jesus.

Secularists are trying to push God from the public square. They reject his beneficial action upon society. But without God where will our leaders get the wisdom to solve the great problems we face?

We must stop the secularist advance and pray to God for help. He will head us if we pray through the intercession of his blessed mother. That’s why we’re launching the 2011 Public Square Rosary Crusade.

Now the reason for having this rally on this date. Saturday, Oct. 15, is the Saturday closest to Saturday, the 13th, of the year 1917 of the Miracle of the Sun. Because of this miracle, some were converted. The 2011 rallies will remind the person on the street that conversion is possible.

America desperately needs the rosary. Our lady’s saving message of Fatima: “Pray, pray the rosary. Do as I say and there will be peace.”

Richard Guerrero


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1 Comment for “Why pray the rosary on Main Street?”

  1. Carole Jernigan

    I am not a Catholic, but am proud to live in a community where events like this are attended by faithful believers. There are many countries in the world where religious/spiritual demonstrations are illegal. We are very fortunate that the right to peaceful assembly is assured us by the US Constitution.

    Why pray the rosary in public? Because WE CAN. God bless America!

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