Feathers – hot hair trend

By Karen Brainard

Salon stylists say feathers have become a craze among girls of all ages, even women, as a way to embellish their hair.

“Feathers are huge,” said Christina Hansen, co-owner of Salon Blondies. The look, she added, is making a comeback from the 1980s.

Christina Hansen, co-owner of Salon Blondies, attaches three feathers to Emilee Eckhart’s hair by pulling them through a small metal bead. The feathers will last two to three months, she said. Sentinel photos/Karen Brainard

The feathers come in a variety of colors and last two to three months, Hansen said. “They grow out with the hair.”

They are also quick to apply. Hansen showed how she pulls a few strands of hair and a feather through a small metal bead that she pinches near the roots.

“You can wash them, flat-iron them and blow-dry them,” she said, adding that girls usually have three to five feathers attached to their hair.

At Salon Blondies, Hansen said grizzly feathers with a black stripe are the most in demand.

Michelle Claasen, a stylist with Belle Mia Salon and Spa, also has seen a surge in the feather look.

“I’ve got lots of requests for hot pink, teal and purple,” she said. Leopard prints and feathers with jewels and rhinestones are hot items, she added.

Claasen said she likes to mix the bright colors with black or white to give some contrast.

“I try to give it just a bit of a kick so it stands out,” she explained. “We also have neutral colors for people who want to hide or let them blend in.”

Older girls, Claasen said, often like to put the feathers underneath their hair where they are not real noticeable.

Emilee Eckhart, a senior at Ramona High School, shows the purple and white feathers with black stripes that Christina Hansen put in her hair at Salon Blondies. “I really like it,” said Eckhart. “It looks awesome.”

As for hairstyles, Hansen said the “ombre” look is popular. That’s basically grown-out color with the dye at the ends.

“It’s awesome for the school kids because they don’t have to rush in to get re-colored,” she said.

Another hairstyle is the “one-shoulder wave,” said Hansen, with wavy tresses pulled around to one side to flow over the shoulder.

Free-flowing styles are popular, said Claasen.

“Girls want to see their hair flowing this year,” she said.

Textured and symmetrical looks and soft fringe around the face are also in, she added.

Salon Blondies is at 1925 Main St., 760-789-9989.

Bella Mia Salon and Spa is at 745 Main St., 760-788-3275.

Both stylists said specials are available and appointments are recommended.

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