Cox service restored to Ramona customers

Cox Communications service was restored to all Ramona customers shortly after 10 p.m. Friday, reports Ceanne Guerra with Cox Communications San Diego.

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Cox service restored to some customers in Ramona

By Maureen Robertson

Service started returning to Cox Communications’ Ramona customers about 4 p.m. on Friday after a repair crew working on a broken water pipe in Poway cut into a Cox line early Friday morning, said Ceanne Guerra with Cox Communications San Diego.

Service to all Ramona customers cannot be returned at the same time, but, she said, “we expect it is all going to be up tonight.”

Cox crews spent the day working to restore service to Ramona customers after a Cox underground cable was damage when Poway public works crews were repairing a broken water pipe at Budwin Lane and Twin Peaks Road.

“We absolutely understand how important our service is to our customers,” Guerra said about 8:50 p.m. Friday.

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Cox customers in Ramona are without service

By Maureen Robertson

Cox Communications crews are working to restore service to Ramona customers after a Cox underground cable was damaged when Poway public works crews were repairing a broken water pipe.

Poway public works crews on Friday morning repair damage to Twin Peaks Road caused by Thursday night’s broken water main. A Cox Communications underground cable was damaged while crews were repairing the broken water pipe, cutting Cox Internet, telephone and television service to Ramona. Photo by Pat Kumpan

The water main break at Budwin Lane and Twin Peaks Road in Poway occurred about 6 p.m. Thursday. It is uncertain when the Cox cable was damaged, but, based on calls from Cox customers in Ramona, it was early Friday morning. Cox officials have been unable to say how many customers are affected, but Cox customers throughout Ramona apparently are without service. For those with the complete Cox package, that is telephone, Internet and television.

Pat Kumpan with the Poway News Chieftain reports that a Poway public works engineer said that Cox repairs are expected to be finished Friday afternoon. While Cox officials are not saying when service will be restored, a Poway official told Kumpan about 3:40 p.m. on Friday that service should be restored within two hours.

San Diego Gas and Electric reported no power outages as a result of the water main or Cox breaks.

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10 Comments for “Cox service restored to Ramona customers”

  1. Sandy M

    Well, they clearly haven't finished their repairs as it's 6:10 pm and we still ahve no internet, phone or cable tv. Luckily, I have a 4G card, so can post this. Have called Cox twice to try and get more info from my cell, but have gotten nothing. Best thing was when I asked about credit for no service, they told me if I called back once service was restored, they would give a credit for the time without service. Guess it's too bad for people who might not know this. Not very impressive customer service.

  2. Melody W

    I've called customer service twice and can't get any information from any of the customer service reps. I had to search the Internet to even find out what happened. One Cox customer service rep told me "if it was an underground fiber optic cable that got cut….it could be awhile untill it's fixed. The last one that got cut took three weeks." Really Cox….in this day and age! What's got me most frustrated is the lack of information Cox is NOT providing to their customers!!! Nice service. I'm mean, I understand things happen but be honest and communicate with your customers!!

  3. George B>

    Don't hold your breathe waiting for the credit. The Cox website won't even say there is an outage.

  4. Jim N

    Its more serious for seniors who need access to 911. Customer service is awful. There are a few channels still up and 15 just says there is an outage. No details or explanation. My mom is 80 and I had to bring her to my place. No 911 in case of an emergency. I am going to ATT and bringing my entire family here in Ramona. Cox, you're fired! Oh yeah, what if the fire was heading in this direction, would reverse 911 work? NO

  5. terri smith

    What I don't understand is why it is taking so long???? I am one of the few who still have a landline and what if something was to happen and I needed to call 9-1-1? I heard people left work due to the communication problems, and what about those who rely soley on their internet??????? I have so much online schoolwork that I cannot do. I agree, ATT would have it fixed by now. Cox cable is about as good as Verizon….horrible

  6. sandra j

    those darned powegians again! aren't they the same ones who cut off our water supply in '07? i'm surprised we were allowed back into ramona before service was restored.

    • john

      I thought it was the fire that burned the powerpoles, which knocked out the power to RMWD water pump station that caused the water outage. I would think even Poway would allow us to stay in water during a fire storm.

  7. greerelec

    There is only one main trunk line to Ramona come on. There is no other way to feed us here. SDG&E has ways to switch and move things around to minimize the outage. Cox only cares about its money not the quality of service and do not even bring up customer service. I would rather climb the pole myself. 911 service who needs that? everyone.

  8. greerelec

    File a complaint with the PUC this is the only way they will do anything. What about all of the fall alerts for the elderly and the life safety equipment fire alarms etc. here is the link

  9. davila

    Now poway has been affected by the outage now no cable, internet, or tv. They cannot say how long it will be to fix it says customer service.

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