Could This Be Ramona’s Last Fourth of July Fireworks Show?

The debates along with lawsuits and stricter laws that require an EIR (environmental impact report) and permits are causing many fireworks celebrations to be canceled. The Fourth of July, which commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, has always been a patriotic holiday celebrated with fireworks. But as more and more obstacles continue to threaten one of the greatest American traditions, will fireworks shows become extinct? Fundraising has become tougher and the cost of putting on a show continues to rise. Plus more and more states are outlawing fireworks shows due to lawsuits brought forth by environmental groups, and California is no exception. Most of these have been targeted at shows over water, but as various groups grow in strength, are vernal pools in Ramona next?

Earlier this year, the Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation (CERF) was at it again, this time focusing on the enforcement of environmental pollution laws and the requirement of permits and environmental studies that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which for most would eliminate most shows, as they are made possible through donations and a volunteer committee. The bigger problem here is the sweeping ruling by Superior Court Judge Quinn which could affect thousands of events by subjecting them to rigorous environment review and could easily spread throughout the county (Judge Quinn issued a 90-day stay of the order to discuss options). There have been few studies on the environmental impact of fireworks. And the ones that have been done do not show any significant threats to water quality, marine mammals and sea life from shows that are conducted once a year. More damage is done to coastlines and water quality by people hosing down their driveways. Our environment is precious and we need to protect it, but let’s use common sense and not personal agendas. To donate for this year’s Ramona fireworks show, look for canisters located at retail stores throughout town.

Jeff Mitchell


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