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Hidden leaders,
where are you?

I would like to thank the Ramona Sentinel for getting the word out about the service changes proposed by our transportation provider, NCTD.

Route 386 (the Escondido/Ramona bus) was well represented at the public hearing last Thursday.  Our community response to the “NCTD Proposed Changes Survey” caused the NCTD Board of Directors to take a closer look at their proposed changes in Ramona. Our turnout at the public hearing caused the NCTD Board of Directors to mention Ramona in their closing remarks.

Unfortunately, transportation is a privilege, not a right. While we are grateful to NCTD for continuing service to Ramona, we have concerns about their proposed changes. My number one concern is price. Although I feel that their proposed fares of $5 to $10 one-way are reasonable, I also know that many who rely on public transit simply cannot afford the increase. We made our concerns known to the NCTD Board of Directors at the public hearing and invited them to work with our community to explore further cost-reduction solutions.

Ramona and the backcountry have a long uphill journey ahead of us in terms of “access to transportation.” This is not about demanding, it is about forming relationships with transportation stakeholders, like NCTD, that will result in win/win partnerships that yield service to our community.

Currently, nobody from Ramona attends any of NCTD’s meetings. That needs to change. If you are solution-focused, and would like to represent Ramona at important transportation meetings, please feel free to contact me for more information at

Remember, Ramona does not have its own government. It is up to you and I to represent Ramona in the region, and form relationships with potential partners. It is a slow approach, but it is the only way that will ever work.
Hidden leaders, I know you are out there. Don’t be afraid to step forward. If you have a spark, we’ll fan it into a flame.
Serving alongside you,

LaVonna Connelly
Ramona Transportation Action Committee (RTAC)

Act of kindness
On Friday, April 15, 2011, I was dining at El Michoacan restaurant with friends for dinner. When the bill was requested, we were advised the bill plus tip had already been paid for by a gentleman a few tables over.
I can think of no other way to thank this person for this kind gesture but to thank him through our local paper.

You are very thoughtful. This act took me by total surprise. I will definitely “pay it forward.”

Debra Camacho

Applauds court ruling
on winery ordinance

The recent Superior Court ruling that the county’s winery ordinance can now move forward is not only great news for the entire wine grape industry but in particular the Ramona Vineyard and Winery Association.
I hope this ruling shuts the door on the futile attempt by the phantom organization known as the “San Diego Citizenry Group” to do all they can to halt economic progress in Ramona. They have also been ordered by the court to pay the $16,444 court costs.

Hopefully, we will now see many more wine tasters, who are generally more upscale, sophisticated spenders coming up to Ramona to also visit our many fine restaurants, antique and other fine retail establishments!
Temecula draws thousands of browsers every week and I am sure that Ramona can now share in that same following that will help sustain and prosper our local merchants also. It’s just up to the local wine merchants to now open and publicize their operations.

Charles Teichert Jr.

Thanks for supporting
Epilepsy Foundation

I would like to thank everyone who helped me raise over $800 for the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County through the Sharon’s Ride Run Walk for Epilepsy. The opportunity drawing was fun and the walk was great! Hopefully we can reach $1,000 next year.

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As many of you know, my goal is to raise awareness and support for people with epilepsy. If anyone would be interested in having a support group closer to us here in the backcountry. Please let me know. Together we can make it happen.

Carilyn MacLean

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  1. A good example…

    Now here is a further illustration showing precisely what Adam was raving about…

  2. "Legal Fees for Solar Project Stun Director" Media spin, I say, how about Legal fees for poor project management and bad legal council? Trying to attach another bullet hole into Solar energy, "Guilt by association" is Spin Media. Rules exist on doing anything involving anything then add an attorney and you have more opportunity for conflict. If the word Solar was left out not only of the head line but the entire article the message could have totally explained, as well or better. Are we communicating or are we shaping ?
    For example, Headline, " Fence post dents car bumper at topless Bar " This headline could appear in a small christian town at same time a moral issue is at large. The facts could be the guy did not look when he backed up, so he hit the post. That is not as spinning as dragging into the malady that a Topless Bar was involved.
    Greg Chick.

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