David Reichner is new basketball coach at Ramona High

By Bill Tamburrino

David Reichner is the new boys varsity basketball coach at Ramona High School.

In a half hour interview, Reichner explained his philosophy on teaching, coaching and life. He never used the word win or winning, but he has been a winner at every stop in his coaching career.

“I was a three sport athlete in high school and I like multisport athletes,” he said.

David Reichner, three-sport Carlsbad High athlete with experience as a college and high school coach, is the Bulldogs new boys varsity basketball coach. Courtesy photo

Reichner played football, basketball and volleyball at Carlsbad High School.

“My goal is to get athletes to strive to be the best that they can be on and off of the court, said Reichner, who was quarterback on Carlsbad’s football team. “I don’t want them to ever look back and wonder ‘what if’ or say coulda, woulda or shoulda. I don’t want them to have any regrets. I want them to become the best that they can possibly become.

“I am going to put on a free clinic on May 7. At a clinic there is more one-on-one instruction. I will teach them a starting point: where and how to start to work on their basketball game. A camp emphasizes more team drills and scrimmages.

“A philosophy has to be more than just words. I want to show players what it takes to improve and be successful. If it is going to the college level, making the varsity or frosh team, then I will show them what it takes to make it there, to be their best.

“I have a blueprint to show them how to work correctly on their own to show them how to be more productive.

“It is not about me. Not about a program. It is about kids. I want to have them develop a trust and a relationship. I want to get the community involved and supportive. My strength is my ability to teach and coach and to show students and athletes the proper way to do things. Doing things correctly carries to every endeavor in life.”

After Reichner graduated from Carlsbad High School in 1994, he went on a two-year Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints mission. He spent three months in Boston and then finished his mission in Brazil. He became fluent in Portuguese.

He received a scholarship to play for his father, Mark, basketball coach at Southern Virginia University. He then transferred to the University of Utah and walked on and played for the legendary basketball coach, Rick Majerus. His teams participated in two NCAA tournaments and won two Mountain West Conference titles.

In the off season he started his coaching career coaching the Utah Ice (22-6) in the AAU.

He returned to California and was assistant coach at San Jose State University, where he helped the Spartans to their best season in 25 years and best record in postseason history. The team was picked to finish ninth in the conference but led the conference before finishing third.

After his tenure at SJSU, Reichner moved to Arizona to be the head coach at Florence High School. He was chosen the 3A South Region Coach of the Year his first year. He coached his team to the most wins (19) in its 75-year history. The team improved from a .219 winning percentage to a .619 in his first season. The team earned its first winning record in 34 years.

From Florence, Reichner moved to Notre Dame Prep in Scottsdale, Ariz. He was a varsity assistant and the head junior varsity coach (17-6).

Reichner has coached at various camps including in Arizona, USC, Utah, BYU, UCLA, Wyoming and Westminster College/Champions Athletic Academy. He started working as a coach at basketball camps as a freshman in high school for his father in 1991 in Carlsbad.

“When I saw the opening in Ramona, I had to apply,” he said. “I am a San Diego guy. I love the beach, ocean and climate. I have family and friends here. I have always planned on returning and I am glad to be here.” Reichner received letters of recommendation from Coach Rich Majerus (St. Louis, ESPN Analyst, Utah), Coach Dave Rose (BYU), Henry Bibby (NBA assistant), Tommy Connor (Utah), and Janice Richard (San Jose State).

In addition to coaching Bulldog basketball, he will be a substitute teacher, and he is pursuing a master’s degree in education.

He is married to Barbi and has six children (Evan, Anna, Caden, John, Ella and Abigail). The little Reichners are looking forward to playing for the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs in the near future.

The Reichner family is excited to be a part of the Ramona community.

Welcome to the Valley of the Sun, Coach Reichner.

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18 Comments for “David Reichner is new basketball coach at Ramona High”

  1. Parent

    Ramona was very lucky to get this high quality of a coach. What Coach Richner did in Ramona will never be duplicated, amazing. Wish him the best with his career in coaching. Wish we could keep him at RHS.

  2. Another Parent

    Did you attend the same games I did the last year? I am not aware of anybody involved with the program who shares your sentiment.

  3. Basketball Mom

    My son is in the program and we love coach reichner, sounds like your not aware of many people involved. Every kid in the program and kids in Ramona learned so much from him. My own son and several other boys still work out with him. We will miss his awesome camps.

  4. Another Parent

    I think there were two camps. Ask any of the juniors or seniors and you will get a very different opinion. Your son must have been one of the freshmen. That group had a very different view than the others. No matter. Reichner was a good guy and the kids did learn a lot, but the program lost a lot of great kids because he had difficulty dealing with them. Hopefully the next coach will have more success.

  5. Basketball Mom

    Shows you don't know much or not involved, you should probably stop voicing your opinion as his first summer of camps were 2011 when my oldest son was a Sr. This summer would have been his 4th year of camps. Also, my son was a Junior this year, so again you don't know what your talking about. You said ask any Junior or Senior, there ya go! The only kid Reichner lost was the one that didn't show up for 8 months in the off season and couldn't commit to the program. He set the tone for future success which was, if you don't show up in the off season you won't be good enough to play Varsity.

    • Another Parent

      Trust me, I am much more familiar with the program than you know. I have been involved with it during Reichner's entire tenure. I am not one of the parents who had an issue with him, but unlike some, I can look at a situation and evaluate it objectively.

      To that point – What about the near-revolt this year? Why don't you ask Baldwin or Dr. King how many complaints they've had? How about the multiple parents who took their issues all the way to the Superintendent? How about the fact that more talent left the program in the past 2 years than remained? You don't even have the number of kids leaving this past year correct. There were 2 players, not 1 (both likely starters – one of whom was all-league) AND that doesn't include his starting point guard who left the year before (all-league) OR the kids who left the program their junior year. That's why there were 5 freshmen on the varsity this year – unheard of! Building a successful program requires keeping the talent in the program, not rewarding a bunch of marginally talented players who showed up at all the summer games because they weren't athletic enough to play baseball and football as well.

  6. Football Fan

    The head football coach who is the AD does the same thing to the football kids. Oh, and the basketball coach only had one Senior who played in the off season, all the others were forced to participate in football practice over going to a basketball games. You may want to ask Baldwin about that. All the Sophomores or Juniors got beat out by five freshman because non of the upper class-men could show up for 8 months or touch a basketball. It was a brilliant move to guarantee success in the RHS Basketball program, however, it was sad those kids got beat out because of a head football coach who wouldn’t let them leave practice for a game. We need to get a non biased AD.

    • Guest

      If you think the five freshman actually beat anybody out for the team, you're living in a fantasy world. One freshman turned out to be a pretty good offensive player but would have benefitted from spending a year on JV rather than struggling to match up physically with much stronger varsity kids. Three of the other four had absolutely no business making that team.

  7. The problem at RHS

    All I know is not one football player from the months of May-Dec played any RHS basketball games with the team. How many kids who played football last year were allowed to play spring/summer basketball with the team? None! Mandatory football practice doesn’t start until August, yet every kid was forced to attend football practices in the off season over going to a RHS basketball games. For 8 months these kids don’t touch a basketball or play in a game, hence until RHS has an AD that encourages kids to play all sports during the off season basketball will never be what it should be with the talent in the community.

  8. Football Rules

    I'm glad that college basketball coach is gone! He was turning things around in our town and I didn't like it. My son couldn't just show up after football and make the team because he is big. Now our kids can focus just on football and not worry about making the basketball team or wasting our time or money. We are a football town and our boys don't have time to play basketball in the off season while preparing for football. As stated above baseball players and football players are far more athletic than basketball players, our boys can play football and pick up a ball and beat anyone. And if they don't, who cares it gives our boys some conditioning and something fun to do to keep them active. Go Dawgs! I hate basketball because I could never chew gum and dribble at the same time.


    Baldwins greatest football coach hire was Reichner. I know the football program wouldn't have had several players (The QB, kid who went to Air Force) if Coach Reichner didn't encourage the basketball kids to play football. Baldwin should be the head basketball coach as well, that way all the football players will play basketball . Who cares if they win, we just want our football kids to have some fun and get some exercise until spring football starts. Better yet Baldwin should have one of his football coaches coach basketball, that way non of the kids will be expected to play basketball together in the off season.

  10. RHS Parent

    Come on people… the whole football/basketball discussion here is nonsense and misses the point entirely. The QB made the team despite attending only 1 game and the Air Force kid would have as well. No coach is stupid enough to not let the 2 best players not make the team because they missed summer practice. And, I don’t recall that 2 other kids who played football and subsequently played basketball made many, if any, of the summer basketball games either.
    As for the freshmen, the argument that they beat anybody out is ridiculous! Only one of those kids should have been varsity players. There were many JV player who would have made the season much more successful, but the coach decided to build his roster based on summer games.

  11. Outsider

    Any underclassmen that plays just football in the off season, if moved up to varsity basketball would sit the bench and never get the experience they need by playing JV basketball. After eight months of never touching a basketball no kid who is a underclassmen can make any team in a real basketball program. This is exactly what all the top basketball programs do. Sounds like the basketball coach there was trying to do the same thing but ran into a wall with the football coach/AD. Sounds like he knew what he was doing, too bad for those kids now. That AD should just be a football coach somewhere. Seems like it's a bad place to coach basketball if you care about building a program. No basketball coach or team can win if kids don't play together in the off season, that's a fact! Throughout the county all us coaches heard great things happening up in Ramona for basketball. Looks like the AD/football coach put a stop to that.

  12. Rancho

    As long as Ramona keeps their kids off the basketball courts for eight months, forced to play only football, all basketball players should come to PUSD,

  13. Padres

    I was wondering why Ramona Basketball wasn't in any Spring leagues this year.
    How does a principal allow an AD to force kids to play just football in the off season, crazy! First very few principals have an AD be a head football coach, second no principal would allow an AD to force kids to play only football. The principal should step in and make sure the basketball program has an off season, even if the AD doesn't like it. .

  14. Guest

    Sounds like the basketball coach was doing what the football coach/AD was doing by not playing kids who don't show up in the off season. But the AD is the football coach so he can get away with it. Doesn't look like Ramona will ever be a basketball school while that AD is there.

  15. Reality

    "Come on people… the whole football/basketball discussion here is nonsense and misses the point entirely. The QB made the team despite attending only 1 game and the Air Force kid would have as well. No coach is stupid enough to not let the 2 best players not make the team because they missed summer practice" – I guess the football coach is stupid because this is exactly what he does to the football kids. Any kid who misses one non mandatory practice will be cut from the team and or feel like he is less than human. At least the basketball coach cared enough about the kids to not kick them out of the program, but put them on a team that would help them develop after missing 8 months of basketball. Not one kid who was on "JV this year would have got any Varsity minutes, brilliant development move; building the confidence of Freshman having them practice with Varsity guys and giving kids who never showed up an opportunity to get game experience. If any of those kids from JV moved up to Varsity they would have lost 2 months of playing experience. Sad they won't touch a ball again until Dec.

  16. New AD

    Can you imagine any kid in Ramona still on the football team after not showing up to one football meetings or practice or touching a football for 8 months. Ha! That's funny. So much hypocrisy it makes me sick. Who's running the place up there?

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