Rants and a Few Raves

   Rant:     Now that we’re saving water and reducing consumption, our county water districts are losing revenue faster than they are raising rates and are not sure what to do—ease the rationing efforts, raise rates even more. Was there no plan in place for water conversation efforts being successful?

   Rant:    Speaking of water, our state legislators continued their inability to resolve critical issues in a timely manner by putting off decisions on water reform and other reforms. A key decision needs to be made regarding education so California can tap into the $4.3 billion in federal funding. The only thing our legislators can make decisions on are their campaigns for re-election.

   Rave:    A special thanks to the Ramona Rotary Club for putting up the flags on Sept. 11. We can never forget and must always live everyday to the fullest.

   Rave:    To the Ramona Chamber of Commerce and especially Carol Fowler for coordinating replacement trees on Main Street between Eighth and Ninth and to the Village Design Group as they continue to work on creating a town center that we can all be proud of.

   Rant:    To the Service Employees International Union Local 1000 that represents 95,000 state employees who are fighting state furloughs, Attorney General Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, along with the State Board of Equalization, which represents another 15,000 state employees, who refused to furlough their staffs. And to the State Compensation Insurance Fund and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (10,300 employees), who are considering legal action to exempt them from furloughs. Quit the complaining, take your furlough and feel lucky you still have a job.

   Rant:    The proposed health care reform bill, which will only cost around $900 billion and will not increase the deficit. The “public option,” which will be self-subsidizing and rely on the premiums it collects, could offer a good deal to consumers by eliminating high overhead costs and waste while still providing quality care. Last time I checked, the U.S. Postal Service will cost taxpayers over $7 billion this year. Why not start on really monitoring the current waste and overbilling that occurs in our health care system today to lower overall costs, thus making it more affordable for everyone.    

Jeff Mitchell

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